* Students, those over 65, disabled people and those wishing to attend the Hay Joven or Hay Festivalito events should choose the FREE EVENTS option when booking their tickets. Please read the detail below.

Students, those over 65 and disabled people: 25% of all events, concerts and films will be offered free up to capacity. To book these tickets, you will have to register. Proof will be asked for when making the booking. A maximum of one ticket per event can be booked.

Students: current credential
Seniors and disables people: IFE
Additionally, under-age students must attach an authorization document for minors. A maximum of one ticket per event can be booked.

Hay Joven (HJ): the events marked HJ are only for matriculated university students, and are free. The system will request proof of student status, which must be sent with the form. A maximum of one ticket per event can be booked.

Hay Festivalito (HF): the events marked HF are for children and young adults. The events are free, although registration must be done beforehand. The system will request proof of identity, which must be sent with the form. Please bear in mind the ages recommended for each event when registering. For under 16s, each registration is for a child accompanied by an adult.

In this new edition of the festival, your tickets will be electronic and can be downloaded, with your user name and password, from August 23. To enter to each talk your tickets must be printed or downloaded to your smartphone

Sale at the box office
Teatro de la Ciudad
Address: 16 de septiembre No. 44-E, Centro Histórico, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro
Opening hours:
Monday 3 September to Wednesday 5 September from 10 am to 6pm.

Thursday 6 September to Sunday 9 September from 10 am to 7 pm.
The programme is subject to change. If any event is cancelled, the ticket can be exchanged for one for a different event, or we will return the cost of the ticket.

In terms of entrance to events, we please ask audience members to be punctual. The festival will reserve the right of admission to venues once an event has started.

The festival will have the right to disseminate on its promotion channels any photos taken of audiences during events.

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